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An enterprise SaaS platform for IP asset management. LEAP is built by IP and technology professionals with decades of experience in the industry.

Applied IP intelligence for today’s IP heroes

Portfolio Managers

Utilize the advancements in cloud and AI to update your company’s patent prosecution strategy. Implement better management of your ever-growing patent portfolio. Evaluate portfolio strength, check prosecution performance, analyze claim quality, track prosecution costs, follow competitors and much more.

With Insights your IP teams are capable of attending to every stage in a patent’s lifecycle with illuminating, actionable intelligence.

Patent Attorneys

Manage and execute critical IP prosecution on a single, collaborative dashboard. Subsume redundant tasks. Automate discrete steps in the patent lifecycle, including: auto-IDS, auto-docketing, data validations, and much more.

LEAP frees you to focus more of your efforts on what counts, such as portfolio strategy and business intelligence.


Seize the power to manage various processes in the patent prosecution lifecycle, automate repetitive and mundane tasks, execute auto-docketing, automate IDS watches, and track deadlines with increased ease and efficiency.

With LEAP you can optimize critical but time-consuming tasks with superior quality at twice the speed and with far less resources.

What’s hiding in your portfolio



AI- and ML-based algorithms allow you to simultaneously classify patents and applications contextually based on various technology and prosecution metrics, generate trends, and source information critical to building a truly optimized portfolio.

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Superior governance. Unified and intuitive dashboards. Elevated quality and reduced costs on a highly scalable platform. Spectrum automates discrete steps in your patent prosecution lifecycle, including: auto-IDS, auto-docketing, data validations, and much more.


LARA: Leap automated response assistant

LARA is an AI-enabled office action response drafting platform built using the latest advancements in Machine Learning and NLP. From identifying new office actions to deep reading patent and OA text to generating a complete office action response, LARA is the next-generation intelligent assistant enabling patent attorneys to prepare consistent, high-quality, error-mitigated responses faster than ever before.

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